The first smart hotel "Introvert" opened its doors in Sofia

Wednesday, 20 September 2023

The first smart hotel "Introvert" opened its doors in Sofia. The tourist site can also operate without staff, as the entire reservation and check-in process is digitized. The hotel is located on the capital's "Maria Luisa" street and is part of the "Introvert Smart Hotels" chain of smart hotels, BNA writes.

One of the owners of the hotel chain, says that the investment in the smart hotel was made after a thorough analysis of the sector, and the model allows guests to check in and check in the room themselves. It is aimed at customers who avoid noisy lobbies and crowded restaurants. "We value personal space and this is a hotel where there will be no need to wait in line at the reception desk for personal data processing. There is interest in the franchise from investors in Burgas, Pleven and Cyprus," she adds.

The project targets small city hotels, which are located in a central urban area and make up 70 percent of the total hotels. The growth of the Bulgarian chain of smart hotels is in the process of development and follows the trends for the huge flow of users - nearly 75 percent, who reserve their hotel room through mobile applications.

Source: Photo: BNA