What to do

Bike lanes

The capital isn't meant only for pedestrians and drivers. Sofia offers good conditions for bike riding during a good part of the year. The bike lanes and green spaces in the city are suitable for this type of activity even in rainy weather. Also around the city there's places where our guests have the opportunity practice mountain biking.

For the guests of the city and the people who don't have their own bikes there are a few places in Sofia where you could rent one. There people can also get basic mandatory equipment like a helmet.

For riding a bike in the city it's not necessary to wear a light reflecting vest but it's advised to do so especially in the dark hours of the day, as well as when the meteorological conditions are bad.

Here's a list of some basic rules and mandatory equipment for city bike riding in Sofia:

  • White or yellow light on the front of the bike;
  • Red light on the back of the bike;
  • A bell. Used only on bike lanes;
  • Light reflectors on the wheels;
  • Always give signals with your hands when taking a turn;
  • Always ride in the direction of movement if you're using the road lane;
  • Only kids younger than 12 years old can use the pavement when there isn't a bike lane.