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The public transport in Sofia is: Ground Transport – buses, trams (tramways), and trolleybuses and Underground – Metro.


30 Plus

30 Plus Ticket

60 Plus

60 Plus Ticket

2 lv

Ticket from the Driver

Bank Cart

Bank card

24 hours

24-hour pass

72 hours

72-hour pass

Weekly Card

Weekly pass


Annual pass

Youth pass

Youth pass

Daily pass

Daily pass

For Parents

For Parents

For learners

For learners

Park & Ride

Park & Ride



Frequently Asked Questions:

What we need to know by validating with a bank card:

  • Only one passenger can be validated in the vehicle with the bank card. The reason for this is the planned aggregation of trips to a daily pass of BGN 4,00.
  • Always use the same media: a physical card, phone, tablet or smartwatch. The vehicles’ validators read on each media as a separate bank card and to aggregate your trips into a daily pass at the amount of BGN 4,00, you need to choose one media and validate only with it during the day.

By inspection, provide to the inspector of passengers’ regularity the media you have validated on.

  • If you have purchased a digital transportation document (MPass) that requires validation by reading a QR code and you also have an electronic wallet (virtual card) on your mobile device, you should make sure that it is closed (inactive). Otherwise, the validator may charge your virtual card instead of the QR code on the digital transportation document.
  • The payment of the due amount takes place after the end of the public transport’s working hours. You can track all your trips and amounts owed on them in the City application by DSK, by downloading it from the AppStore and Google Play.
  • Always look at what message is written on the validator. Any indication, other than a "Valid Card", accompanied by a green light signal, means that the particular trip has not been paid and by inspection you are subject to a penalty.

* Sofia City Card – plastic media with a chip, allowing multiple loading of short-term and long-term transportation documents. Its price is BGN 3,00 and it is issued at the points of sale of "Sofia Urban Mobility Centre” EAD. The short-term transportation documents can be loaded into the plastic media at the points of "Sofia Urban Mobility Centre” EAD, at the metro cash-desks and online through the web portal. The long-term transportation documents (subscription passes) can be loaded into the plastic media only at "Sofia Urban Mobility Centre” EAD points of sale and through the web portal.

** Ultralight – a paper pass with a chip, allowing multiple loading of short-term transportation documents only. Its price is BGN 0,80 and it can be purchased at the points of sale of "Sofia Urban Mobility Centre” EAD, as well as at all metro cash-desks.