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West Park

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between West Park , Lyulin and Krasna Polyana.
Historical Information
This is the second biggest park in Sofia. It’s locked between the districts Zapaden park, Lyulin, Fakluteta, Krasna polyana, Zaharna fabrika and Gevgeliiski and the main entrance is on the side of Slivnitsa Blvd. An interesting fact about this park is that the train to Pernik goes through the park.

between West Park , Lyulin and Krasna Polyana.

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

The project for West park is a work of the famous Bulgarian architect Ivan Boyadjiev. He finished the project in 1957 and named the park Hristo Smirnenski after a famous poet. The park has two main parts – one has alleys built in it, as well as places for leisure and the other is a forest perfect for the hotter days of the year. The green part ends at the Smardana locality where people can find a lake. The park is the perfect place for those who aren’t fans of big crowds and instead enjoy the quiet of the city forest.