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The building of the Sofia Opera and Ballet

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30 Dondukov Blvd.
The Sofia Opera and Ballet - the history of the construction of the building goes way back to 1920 when the Agrarian Party was elected to power with Prime Minister Alexander Stamboliyski at the head of its government. Architect Lazar Parashkevanov designed the imposing edifice specifically for the governing party. However, construction work on the site began only as late as 1947. A team led by architect Parashkevanov updated the design – he was also asked to incorporate a monument to Alexander Stamboliyski and an Opera Hall. Construction was completed in 1957 after a bronze sculpture of the politician and party leader, made by sculptors Marko Markov and Stefan Stanimirov, was erected in front of the building.

30 Dondukov Blvd.