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Baba Marta is here

The martenitsa is an adornment made with intertwined white and red threads. Putting on a martenitsa on March 1 is one of the most popular traditions in Bulgaria in honour of the upcoming spring. It is believed that the martenitsa bestows health and fertility.
As early as the beginning of February, the streets of Sofia are filled with martenitsa vendors. Its colours have a symbolic meaning: red represents blood and life, while white – purity and happiness. In the past, people put on martenitsas on their domestic animals, fruit trees and houses in order to protect them from any evil forces. Tradition has it, that the martenitsas you receive as a gift will bring you happiness and good luck. Thus, everyone gives martenitsas to their relatives and friends.
The martenitsa is worn until you see a stork or a blossoming tree - symbols of the spring and its warmth.


Friday 01 March 2019