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Saturday 26 May 2018
21 May 2018 - 27 May 2018
January 2019
25.04.2018 - 31.08.2018

Sport in Ancient Thrace - Exhibition

On April 25, 2018 is the official opening of the exhibition Sport in Ancient Thrace which also celebrates Sofia being European Capital of Sport. It will be displayed at the Temporary Exhibitions Hall at NAIM until the end of August, 2018
22.05.2018 - 27.05.2018

Spring Book Bazaar

The event most probably will not take place at the National Palace of Culture. Orginezed by Bulgarian Book Association.


Organized free 5 km run. Everyone can join regardless of gender and age (including disabled people, parents with strollers, as well as people with dogs on a leash).
*The main 5 km running track is located in Sofia, South park (Yuzhen park). The start and finishing lines are located on the main alley in front of the monument with birds.
Sports Events
10.05.2018 - 10.06.2018

Paper Art Fest

The project will demonstrate Bulgaria's deep connection to various cultures around the world through art. It will focus on stories, myths, legends, mysteries, memories and archetypes. The fest will present contemporary works which incorporate elements, symbols, texts and art fragments of real artefacts from different periods of our history and of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage. Some of them feature ancient texts, excerpts from ancient books, graffiti and rock images dating from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages, manuscripts and gospels, stone images and statues, reliefs and treasures.


Ballet by Mikis Theodorakis
Stage: Big stage
Durations: 2 hours
Intermissions: 1
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