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Wednesday 17 January 2018
15 January 2018 - 21 January 2018
February 2019
05.12.2017 - 04.02.2018


5 December 2017 – 4 February 2018
OPENING: 5 December, Tuesday, 6 p.m.
The exhibition is an attempt at seeking answers about how artists perceive and interpret the icon in secular artworks, what is the icon’s symbolic value, and how mediaeval and Revival-period figurativeness and aesthetics influence the artistic language of modern authors. The chronological framework is delineated by the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1878 and the year 1989, thus covering two broader major periods – before and after World War II.
The exhibition presents over 100 works grouped into several thematic sections. The earliest artworks include creations of the foreign-born artists Joseph Oberbauer, Josef Pitter, and Ivan Mrkvička who arrived in Bulgaria soon after the Liberation. A new and significant page in the history of Bulgarian fine arts was opened up in the 1920s. Mediaeval art clearly exerted its impact on the artistic output of several 1920s authors. Icons, church murals and the adornment of manuscript books with their specific plastic language were rendered into significant sources of ideas. The exhibition comprises works by Ivan Milev, Ivan Penkov, Tsanko Lavrenov, Boris Denev, etc., which are emblematic of the 1920s arts and culture. Another collection of artworks traces the image of the icon that complements the “truthfulness” of historical compositions or serves as an intermediary to a new spiritual dimension. The list of emblematic Bulgarian artists whose works are exhibited includes Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Iliya Beshkov, Dechko Uzunov, Atanas Patsev, Dimitar Kirov, Rumen Skorchev, Lika Yanko, Ivan Vukadinov, etc.
25.10.2017 - 28.01.2018

Exhibition “Gold and Bronze. Metals, Technologies and Networks in the Eastern Balkans during the Bronze Age”

The exhibition constitutes a continuation of the exhibition “The First Gold. Ada Tepe: Europe’s Oldest Gold Mine” presented at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna in May 2017 and met with exceptional interest. It is dedicated to the Bulgarian and Austrian presidencies of the Council of the European Unionin 2018.
21.11.2017 - 21.02.2018

Exhibition „The Little Man In the Great War“

The exhibition as a part of the National plan for the commemoration of the First World War centenary presents to the audience the Bulgarian participation in the war.
01.11.2017 - 25.02.2018

Exhibition “Under the Sign of Mercury”

SOFIA HISTORY MUSEUM presents a temporary exhibition “Under the sign of Mercury”, dedicated to the 90-th anniversary of its foundation. The exhibition is named after the protector of commerce in Ancient Rome – God Mercury and shows the growth of the city as a trade center from the Antiquity up-to-day.
The exhibition is opened for visitors until 31st March, 2018.
28.11.2017 - 18.02.2018


The National Gallery is presenting the XXL group that was created in 1994. The exhibition includes documentation as well as pieces of art from the remote and striving for a change last decade of the previous century. At the same time it shows current works of the authors from that once utterly provocative artistic circle.
13.12.2017 - 04.02.2018

Shifting Layers

Young Art at the Museum
Sofia City Art Gallery - 1, Gen. Gurko str., Sofia 1000 (entrance from the side of Kniaz Al. Batenberg str.)
The exhibition concerns the themes of personal revolutions, new images and mythologies, of the artists’ attitudes toward and work with images in the internet era, of the boundaries between reality and imagination, of the documents and the different view of the city as a global space of forms, policies and routes of all kinds of people and narratives. It shows works dealing with the issues of memory and the present-day role and significance of the museum institution itself.
The project is realized with the support of the PROTOTYPE Platform of Société Générale Expressbank supporting projects on innovations, design thinking, culture and art, and of the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality.

St. Reverend Anthony the Great (St. Anthony's Day - Antonovden)

St. Anthony the Great is one of the two most famous representatives of monasticism in the East. He practiced an ascetic life and was one of the founders of monasticism. In Bulgaria, this day is also known as Lelinden and people celebrate the prevention of diseases during the winter months. According to traditions, on this day women do not spin, knit, or cook beans or lentils so as not to anger the diseases. Specially kneaded loaves of bread, coated with treacle, are prepared and given to close relatives and neighbors so that they are healthy. On this date Andon, Antoinette, Anton, Antonia, Donka, Donko, Doncho, Tony, etc. celebrate their name day.
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