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Skiing and ecotourism: Simeonovo – Cherni Vrah peak

Visit some of Vitosha mountain’s most popular destinations in just one day!
Vitosha mountain is a great place for skiing, but that’s not the only option during the winter. There are many possibilities for ecotourism with good winter marking, accessible and visited daily by the locals and tourists of Sofia. Enjoy a snow day in the mountains!
Make sure you check the weather forecast precisely. Wear your warm windproof clothes and waterproof shoes and always have someone to keep you company – thus it will be much more fun and safe as well. To contact the Mountain Rescue Service in case of emergency, call the national number 112 or +3592/ 963 2000.
The route from Simeonovo suburb of Sofia to Cherni vrah peak is about 12 km with over 1000 meters of elevation – get ready for a big long climbing. If you want your way to be significantly easier and make it more of a short walk, you can always take the cabin lift from Simeonovo, which will take you directly to Aleko hut. Remember that the starting station of the lift is in a completely different place from the start of the trail. Its working hours during the winter season are every day from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

1. Simeonovo suburb

You can find the start of the route at the end of Mishova Ornitsa Street where a parking is located. From there you go on the path to the Simeonovo lakes - signs and yellow marking will guide you. For a while you will walk along the river (Stara reka) and at one point the trail will turn left and continue up further through the forest. During the hike you will see the Simeonovo lakes; the gondola lift’s middle station; Severina hut (which is not open to visitors) and Vitoshko Lale ski slope. The trail is wide and safe, and usually beaten.

2. Aleko hut

Aleko Hut is the oldest hut in the mountain. Named after the founder of the tourist movement in Bulgaria, in winter it is visited very actively - it is surrounded by a ski center, ski slopes and the upper station of the cabin lift. Inside, you can enjoy warm food and a rest after the long climb before heading to the mountain’s highest peak.

3. Cherni Vrah peak

After crossing the Vitosha Plateau and following the signs and winter marking poles, you will end up without a hitch at Cherni Vrah peak. At the weather station you will be offered tea and from the outside you will enjoy an unspeakable 360 ​​degree panorama as well as many interesting frozen forms on the stones that surround you. And a bonus: if you are a fan of skiing, you can ski back down the entire route!