Pilgrimage Routes

Let's have a walk in Sofia

See Sofia from above: Aleko hut – Kamen Del Peak

Kamen Del Peak is the place to enjoy a full sight of Sofia. It is in fact almost 360 degrees, considering that in front of you stands the whole city from a 1800 height perspective and behind you is located the beautiful landscape of the Turf Reserve (called Torfeno Branishte in Bulgarian). ). If you want to have more of a challenge you can reach it, starting from Dragalevtsi district or the Golden Bridges. But the easiest route is definitely from Aleko hut. All routes are marked and have signs in both English and Bulgarian, which will guide you throughout your adventure. The route from Aleko hut to Kamen Del Peak is suitable for both adults and children, in all four seasons and even if you want to hike at night. It takes about hour and a half with elevation of only 70 meters and length of 4 kilometers in one direction. At first, it passes through the forest and then it goes on the Vitosha plateau, where it’s usually windy and very sunny. At some places it gets a bit muddy as well. And of course, make sure to check the weather forecast, to leave at the right time of the day, and to wear the appropriate equipment. Bring lots of water, something to eat and don’t forget the camera – believe us, you’ll need it!

1. Aleko hut

The starting point is the parking lot of the hut where you will see a water spring on the right and next to it - a path with a sign for the Golden Bridges and a yellow marking. It is located opposite the entrance to the Simeonovo cabin lift. Be careful, because there is another water spring on the other side of Aleko chalet, but the path from there leads to Cherni Vrah.

2. Stone River

In a few minutes you will cross a large stone river along a beautiful white bridge, by which you’ll know you’re on the right path. The stone rivers are a very typical and popular attraction of Vitosha Mountain. Then you’ll follow a wide forest road that goes by Prespa hut, which is not open to tourists but has tables suitable for eating and relaxing. From there the trail emerges from the forest and continues along the vast Vitosha plateau.

3. Ushite shelter

As we continue our stroll through the beautiful meadows, we still follow the yellow marking, signs and stakes in the direction of the Golden Bridges. For a short part of the route, the soil may be softer and muddy, but if you have waterproof shoes there is nothing to worry about. Reaching the small cozy shelter Ushite (meaning ‘Ears’ in Bulgarian), you will need to deviate from the yellow marking and turn right. In front of you will see the peak, similar to a large stone pile, and it will guide you.

4. Kamen Del Peak

Go over the stones slowly and carefully, especially if they are damp. When you reach the top, a gorgeous and grandiose view will be revealed in front of your eyes. It's windier there, but if you have a windproof jacket you can sit for long on one of the rocks, take pictures, eat, or just enjoy the open space and fresh air. Because the route is very easy, the location is popular amongst everyone - photographers, families with children, lovers of beautiful sunrises and many more.