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Let's have a walk in Sofia

Explore nature with the kids – Vitosha mountain

It’s so important to breathe fresh air, get some exercise and learn to love and respect nature – especially for children. Our lovely mountain Vitosha mountain is very diverse – it offers a variety of cozy locations to relax, challenging routes to follow and many places to just take a walk amongst nature. This time we’ll go around the area of the Golden Bridges. There are dozens of chalets in the area – most of them reachable by car. And if you’re looking for hiking trails, you have about 4-5 different options of routes with very good marking and signs, mostly reaching the nearby huts where you can have a meal and freshen up. On weekends and holidays, bus 63 will take you directly to the destination in about 30 minutes. You can find the bus stop at Tsar Boris III Blvd. (№2543).

1. The Dendrarium

The first curious stop on your way to the Golden Bridges is the Dendrarium. Besides tables for picnic and meadows, you can take a walk around a collection of almost 150 different tree and plant species both from the Bulgarian and foreign flora. There are alleys and several small lakes on an area of ​​1400 decares. Bus 63 can also take you there over the weekend, by getting off at the bus stop Dendrariuma (№6566).

2. Children’s eco training center

One kilometer after the Dendrarium area you will see the area of ‘Belite brezi’. An eco training center specialized for children is located there. The museum of the bear and the owl museum are taking place there as well. They open on the 1st of June and close on the 30th of September and work between 10am and 4pm. The Owl Museum is open every day and the bear museum – only on weekends. The kids will have the opportunity to get to know the life, variety, food and habitat of the majestic brown bear and the Bulgarian owl. The different beliefs, mythology characters and traditions associated with them will be presented as well. For transportation you can also take bus 63, but you’ll have to walk one kilometer from the bus stop ‘Dendrariuma’.

3. The Golden Bridges

The Golden Bridges and the surrounding area are one of the most popular destinations for Sofia’s locals. The area is named after the huge stone rivers covered with yellow coloured moss. It’s a place that takes you away from the city’s everyday problems – it offers large tables for picnic, big meadows and swings for the kids to play. A small river passes through the area that then flows into the Vladaya river.

4. Momina Skala chalet and restaurant

If you want to dine while the kids are playing freely on the large meadow upfront, Momina Skala chalet is the place to go. It’s located in the woods above Boyana district and you can reach it from the Golden Bridges – it’s 2 km away accessible by foot or car. In addition to the restaurant you can find the one and only pastry shop in Vitosha mountain. The cool and fresh air at 1500 meters above sea level is the best environment to provide good mood and a full day of games.