Pilgrimage Routes

Let's have a walk in Sofia

A route for graffiti fans

Sofia has recently became an outdoor art space, thanks to graffiti: they crop up here and there on a facade, transform a crumbling wall, turn a building into fantasy scene with amazing characters, attract passers-by and are painted by real artists known as Urban Creatures. In the summer of 2013 in the district of Hadzhi Dimitar huge graffiti appeared on three eight-storey blocks, known as the Santa Dobri, The Winged Diver, and The Girl with a Secret Gift Behind. Their pictures circle round media and social networks, and passersby stop to admire the creative imagination of their authors. Today a whole gallery is waiting for you in the district of Hadzhi Dimitar. This route will offer you the "gallery" of the city center of Sofia. The works of street art in the city center are between the three Tourist Information Centres of Sofia.

1. Tourist Information Center

The starting point of this route is at the Tourist Information Centre – Sofia, where you can get detailed information on where and what to visit and how best to get there easily. You can get free city maps, leaflets and brochures for tourist sites, attractions and events in Sofia.

2. 11-13 Ivan Vazov St., authors 140 IDEAS, 2011

From the Tourist Information Centre – Sofia head to Vasil Levski Blvd, turn right on Ivan Vazov Str. and the first location on the route, a store on 11-13 Ivan Vazov St., will remain on the right. Duration: 7 min Distance: 550 m

3. 12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., authors ХРОМЕ+RAYAX, 2011

Next location on the route is 12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. Take right along Ivan Vazov St., turn right on 6th September St. and the site will remain on the right of 12 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. Be sure not to miss some of the main landmarks of Sofia in this area: the National Assembly Hall and the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Church. Duration: 7 min. Distance: 550 m

4. "Antract", 2014, author - Bozko - Maria Luiza blvd. 11

In order to reach the third location you should set along Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. (where you can see the Russian Church, the National Art Gallery and the Council of Ministers). Walking along Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd on your left side you will see the City Garden and the Info Point "Chitalnyata" in the middle of the garden. Facing the Presidency of Bulgaria you have to cross the Nezavisimost Sq. ,where you can see the ruins of Ancient Serdica complex and the Largo Tourist Information Center . Above them is the statue of Sofia, facing the triangle of power - the Presidency, the National Assembly building and the Council of Ministers. Next to the statue of Sofia – at the right side 50 m. away there is another example of street art – at the wall of a block of flats facing the Council of Ministers and the Central Department Store. The name of this graffity work is "Antract" ( intermission) and its author is Bozko. Duration: 12 min. Distance: 1 km.

5. 55 Shandor Petyofi str. – author Nasimo

To reach the next amazing city art picture take the metro from Serdica 2 – next to Largo Tourist Information Center for one stop to the National Palace of Culture or walk along Vitoshab pedestrian blvd straight to the National Palace of Culture. The little street "Shandor Petyoffi" is at the right sight if you are facing the National Palace of Culture. In the very beginning of your route along the little street "Shandor Petyoffi" is № 55 - at the crossing point with "Tsar Assen" str. "God's Gift" – May, 2016 The beautiful graphite of a Bulgarian girl dressed in Bulgarian national costume appeared on the 55th "Sandor Petyoffi" street in the end of May, 2016. The name of the painting is "God's Gift", representing Rada, a Bulgarian bride and the beauty and of Bulgarian traditions. It is right next to a bakery and it is the work of Nasimo.