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Sunday 18 April 2021
12 April 2021 - 18 April 2021
April 2021

Cycling Procession, Cross-Country Running and Sports Festival

from Narodno Sabranie (National Assembly) Square to Yuzhen Park
Sofia - European Capital of Sport, Sofia Municipality and the Urban Mobility Centre invite you to the traditional cycling procession and cross-country running under the motto "For cleaner air". On Sunday, April 18, you can join or just greet the hundreds of cyclists and runners on the city's streets and boulevards. A lot of sports legends will take part in the event including Yordan Yovchev, Evgenia Radanova, Reneta Kamberova, the four talented girls - faces of Sofia - European Capital of Sport: Hristiana Todorova, Alexandra Feigin, Yoana Ilieva, Katrin Manoilova, and many others. The meeting point is after 10 am, and the colorful procession starts at 11 am - from the National Assembly to Yuzhen Park. A week before Palm Sunday, let's show that our capital can be even more colorful, athletic, and cleaner. April 18, Sunday, 11 am, from the National Assembly.
Sports Events

Urban zone + III Street Workout and Parkour City Festival

Knyazheska Gradina
Over 500 participants take part in sports popular among young people and typical for the urban environment - basketball 3x3, urban parkour, street workout training, skateboarding, etc. - in Knyazheska Gradina park opposite Sofia University.
Sports Events

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