The beauty of the Balkans will come alive at the end of the week in Sofia - "Stone and Water" 2023

Friday, 08 September 2023

The beauty of the Balkans has always carried the feeling of sharedness, cohesion and wholeness.

Inspired by this, the Association "Art Premiere" with chairman Yurka Raycheva, organizes and realizes the project "Stone and Water" Sofia 2023.

In the three days from September 8th to 10th, the second Bulgarian-Greek cultural marathon will be held. The events during the period aim to contribute to the promotion of the diversity of the common European culture and common European values, in which Bulgaria and Greece are the hosts. The project is implemented with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Athens and the Embassy of Greece in Sofia, and on its initiative there will be a dedication to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Maria Kalas.

The project will bring together people from different generations, professions, occupations and interests, united around one idea and cause – the beauty of the Balkans. The venue will be in the stage space of the Ancient Cultural and Communication Complex "Serdika", Zone "Largo".

On the 8th, the organizers invite everyone to come and enjoy an exciting and inspiring program of dance and music performances. On the first day, the official opening will be held, which will start at 18:00, which will be attended by the Executive Director of the Executive Agency for Bulgarians Abroad, who support the initiative.

Before that, at 17:00, an exhibition on "STONE AND WATER and 100 YEARS FROM THE BIRTH OF MARIA CALLAS" will be presented. In one of the halls of the "Serdika" Complex, a video program specially selected for the occasion - films about Maria Kalas - presented by the Embassy of Greece in Sofia will be shown. There will also be special ART workshops from the National Children's Palace - Sofia led by Milena Vladkova.

During the second and third day, there will be a meeting of representatives of the participants at the Embassy of Greece and an excursion to Vitosha Park - the first natural park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula, where a part of the marathon program will be presented.