Artists from six countries will paint murals in the underpass of T. Kableshkov Blvd.

Friday, 04 August 2023

In a few days, the implementation of two projects that will decorate the walls of a school and an underpass in the capital's Triaditsa district will begin, the district administration, with whose assistance the projects are being carried out, reports. The first project is intended for the underpass of Todor Kableshkov Blvd. and Bulgaria Blvd. The mural that will be painted there is called "Seasons" and is a true celebration of colors, say the area. It is the work of the talented artists from the "Visionaries" Foundation, and artists from six other countries have also been invited. The authors of "140 ideas" will join the large team of artists. "Through their art, the artists will direct public attention to climate change and the loss of Bulgaria's characteristic 4 seasons - a critically important topic to which we cannot turn a blind eye," the foundation says. The second mural project will decorate the wall of 126 Petko Yu. Todorov Elementary School on Bulgaria Blvd. It is called Interconnections.