In the municipal Aquapark Vazrajdane, payment is made according to the height of the visitor

Saturday, 01 July 2023

The water park in the metropolitan Aquapark Vazrajdane opens its doors from today, June 30, the redistrict administration reports. The facility was built in 2019 as part of the park expansion in Zone B5. It has 5 outdoor pools and 3 water slides.

The entrance fee before 3:00 p.m. on a weekday is determined by the height of the visitor - up to 90 cm, the entrance is free, children from 90 to 130 cm pay BGN 12, and for those taller than 130 cm, the price is double - 24 BGN. After 3:00 p.m., 9 and 17 BGN are paid, respectively. On a public holiday in the morning, the price for the low ones is 15 BGN, and for the high ones - 29. After 15:00, the visit is 11 and 20 BGN, respectively. The price includes a sunbed, umbrella, table and access to the 5 outdoor pools and 2 water slides. Each client is given a wristband free of charge at the reception of the complex, which provides access to the services paid for by the client against a deposit of BGN 5, which is returned when the wristband is returned.