"Glitz and grandeur. Medieval Bulgaria in Bulgarian Historical Films"

Wednesday, 28 June 2023

The National History Museum presents the exhibition " Glitz and grandeur. Medieval Bulgaria in Bulgarian Historical Films"

The films were created on the occasion of the celebration of 1300 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian state.

The original intention was to cover a wide range of historical figures from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. The realized projects from the "medieval cycle" - "The Weddings of John Assen" (1975) , the trilogy "Khan Asparukh" (1981) , "The Master of Boyan" (1981) , "The Golden Age" (1984), "Boris I" (1985) reflect the greatness and splendor of Bulgarian victories and spiritual growth during the time of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdoms and became popular and loved by several generations of viewers.Authentic costumes, furniture and weapons from the films have been created based on archeological and historical evidence of the time and events they are associated with. Their technical performance is fully in line with the traditions of the respective era, which makes them as close as possible to their originals. They are made by hand, from natural materials. Famous and beloved Bulgarian actors such as Apostol Karamitev, Stefan Danailov, Vasil Mihailov, Kosta Tsonev, Yosif Sarchadzhiev, Djoko Rosich, Anya Pencheva, Nevena Kokanova, Tsvetana Maneva, Stoyko Peev, Vanya Tsvetkova take part in the films.

The exhibition can be seen until the end of the year.