The Vodna pasha, or Water Grazing, installation by Bulgarian sculptor Pavel Koychev will be located in the South Park

Monday, 08 August 2022

In the final phase is the creation of the composition, which in September will become a significant part of the urban and cultural environment of Sofia. Very soon everyone will be able to see it in South Park and feel the creator's emotions invested in it, discover its message.

"Vodna Pasha" will be located in the lake in the South Park from "Nishava" street.

"In the lake, the surrounding trees are reflected, and that's how the pasture makes sense. The idea of ​​the work is related to the Bible. We all need a shepherd, Christ, because man is weak, insecure," said the sculptor Pavel Koychev.

The six figures – a shepherd and sheeps, in which biblical symbolism is embedded – are made of brass and weigh a total of 2,165 tons. The main figure is 4.4 meters high, 4 meters of which is above the water.

The Sofia Municipal Council approved the placement of the composition in an urban environment with its decision in November 2020. The idea of ​​staging a large-scale work by our world-renowned artist was supported by many public figures and personalities from the artistic world, the Union of Bulgarian Artists, and the team of the Sofia City Art Gallery. The project was approved by the Expert-Art Council of the Metropolitan Municipality.

After the invitation and a series of discussions, Pavel Koychev proposed to the municipal administration to create a new version of his emblematic work "Water Grazing", located until 2019 in the lake near the village of Osikovitsa near Pravets. The creator also gave the idea of the location where she could "live".