A new archaeological discovery at the medieval Urvich fortress

Thursday, 28 July 2022

A second medieval church was discovered during the excavations of the citadel of Urwich Castle, as well as many frescoes, which are awaiting restoration. The excavations at Urwich have been funded by the Metropolitan Municipality since 2008, and the conservation project is already prepared, which will allow the valuable archaeological finds to be revealed to tourists.

Archaeologists Filip Petrunov from the BAS and Violina Kiryakova from the National History Museum have established that the church functioned between the 14th and 17th centuries, as well as the other church "St. Ilia", which was opened by Prof. Ovcharov and Prof. Petrunova. According to archaeologists, a spiritual center was active at the site, where church books were stored and copies were made.

This year's revelations surprised the archaeological team, which had set out to explore the home of the legendary Tsar Yasen - the youngest brother of Tsar Ivan Shishman. The historical information about him is that he lived in the Urvich fortress.

Investing in the discovery and preservation of the rich ancient and medieval heritage of the region will contribute to the development of cultural tourism, attracting more lovers of nature walks and connoisseurs of our rich cultural heritage.