The Military History Museum in Sofia is organizing an online game in memory of Levski

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

From February 14 to 19, the National Museum of Military History (NMHM) is organizing an online game for its audience. Its goal is in the week when we celebrate the 149th anniversary of Levski's death, to honor his testament, to remember his work and to learn more facts about his life. In each of the 6 days, a question with several possible answers will be published on the Facebook profile of the museum, related to not so well-known facts from the life of the Apostle. Every day at 4 pm, a participant who knows the correct answer will be selected by lottery, who will receive one year of free family access to the expositions of the National Museum of Military History and its branches - Vladislav Varnenchik Park Museum and the Naval Museum in Varna and the Museum of aviation in Krumovo. By announcing the correct answers, the Museum team will publish additional information to enrich the knowledge about the personality and work of Vasil Levski. On February 18 and 19, the guests of the museum will have the opportunity to learn the history of the few preserved items of Levski with the help of a museum expert. The words of the Apostle, recorded in his letters and his personal notebook, will be visualized by a light installation in the hall where his belongings are located.

FB of the Military History Museum in Sofia -

You can find detailed information about the game on, as well as at phones: 02 946 1805; 02 946 18 12