Changes in the schedules of public transport in Sofia from May 11

Monday, 11 May 2020

As of May 11, changes are introduced in the public transport schedules in Sofia. The reason is the forthcoming lifting of the state of emergency and the expected increase in passenger traffic, according to CGM. Here's exactly what will change:

For land transport, weekday timetables will be put into operation, increasing the number of cars as in the winter weekday schedules. And the working hours will remain until around 22:00 for the city and around 22:30 for the suburban lines. On weekdays and holidays and holidays Metropolitan EAD will work with the number of metro trains according to winter schedules, with reduced working hours and last hours of departure as follows: Vitosha Metro Station: 22:20 on weekdays and 22:30 on holidays and holiday; Business Park Metro Station ”: 22:30 on weekdays and 22:37 on holidays and public holidays; Sofia Airport Metro Station: 22:30 on weekdays and 22:34 on holidays and public holidays. Bus lines № 58, 66, 103, 122, 294, 306 and 505 and night bus lines № Н 1, Н 2, Н 3 and Н 4 remain closed.

Bus line № 63 does not run to the area "Golden Bridges" in Vitosha Mountain. -and more on

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