The "blue" and "green" zone in Sofia is restored from May 7

Tuesday, 05 May 2020

On Thursday, May 7 the work of the blue and green zone in Sofia is restored, at the same time the gradual normalization of the urban transport schedules begins. The Blue and Green Parking Zone in the capital has been open free of charge since March 17, so that workers in the city center will not use public transport. Starting on the 7th, there will be a gradual entry into the daily schedules of the electric transport - trams and trolleys passing through the center, and they are expected to be followed by subway and urban public transport on Monday. For now, the reduced working hours remain - evening hours until 10 pm and 10:30 pm for the suburban lines and the metro. In the coming days, the Sofia Municipality will monitor very closely the interest of passengers in public transport, and if it intensifies, it will be ready to change the final hours of the timetables as well.

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