Happy Anniversary, Sofia citizens!

Friday, 03 April 2020

On April 3, 2020, we mark 141 years since Sofia was elected the capital of the Principality of Bulgaria.

On April 3 (March 22, old style), in 1879, the Constituent Assembly of Veliko Tarnovo elected Sofia as the capital of the Principality of Bulgaria. The proposal is from Professor Marin Drinov - historian, scientist and statesman. According to data from 1878, Sofia has 11 694 inhabitants, 2 schools, 7 churches, 10 hanas, 120 shops, 62 taverns, 19 ovens and 3 306 houses, and its total area is 2.84 sq. km

The announcement of Sofia for Capital transformed the millennial city into the most important public and administrative centre of the country. The capital of Bulgaria got its name from the St. Sofia Church and means wisdom.

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