Borisova Gradina Park in Sofia – Ever More Attractive

Friday, 31 January 2020

A large-scale project of nearly BGN 12 million of Sofia Municipality will gradually refresh one of Sofia’s most visited attractions - Borisova Gradina Park. In 2019, the rose garden with 2000 roses and a fountain was rebuilt, 79 new benches, a drinking fountain, new lighting and irrigation systems were installed, and the alleys were renovated. In 2020 the Lily Lake will be renovated, and the next stage will be the restoration of 28,000 square meters of asphalt alleys in the park, the public restroom, the drinking fountains and the rock garden. The plans envisage the installation of alley lighting, expansion of the video surveillance system in the historical part of the park, construction of a water supply and sewerage network and an irrigation system.

You will also be able to feel the freshness of coniferous tree species - black pine and spruce, and see exotic species such as sequoia, maple, birch, tilia and chestnut trees located around two main alleys. There will also be an entire alley of centuries-old oaks, where most trees have an average age of 110 years. The squirrel is the most attractive inhabitant of these green systems, along with over 65 species of birds - Eurasian jay, green woodpecker, common blackbird, hawfinch, Eurasian blue tit, song thrush and others.

In the park you will also find the Astronomical Observatory of Sofia University, one of the first observatories on the Balkans. One of the largest outdoor memorials in the country is also there - the alley with monuments of prominent Bulgarians - revolutionaries, writers, poets, visionaries: Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Georgi Rakovski, Ivan Vazov, Marin Drinov, Dimitar Dimov, and others.

Sofia Municipality invites you to its attractive garden – Borisova Gradina Park, to take in the green freshness of nature!

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