New Finds at the Bulgarian Archeology 2019 Exhibition Reveal the History of 26 sites

Friday, 31 January 2020

For the thirteenth consecutive year, the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia will present finds from the previous archaeological season - 2019, in the temporary exhibition hall. The exhibition includes 26 sites that illustrate the development of cultures in present-day Bulgaria from the Paleolithic (more than 40,000 BC) to the Middle Ages. The exhibits include items from the Middle Chalcolithic period - exquisite ceramic anthropomorphic figures and vessels, found in a pottery workshop near the village of Suvorovo, Varna. It will also be interesting to see what was found in 2019 in one of the best-preserved fortresses in Bulgaria - Kaleto Fortress, as it is linked to the legendary Dracula, who conquered it in 1462 along with other fortresses. At the exposition you will travel to the Middle Ages through finds such as a gold seal ring, silver coins, gold, silver and bronze ornaments, etc. ...

The Bulgarian Archeology 2019 Exhibition can be visited at the National Archaeological Museum from February 15 to April 26, 2020.

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