Sofia Municipality is Asking us to Get off our Cars and Enjoy Fresher Air

Wednesday, 04 July 2018

Sofia Municipality has launched an information campaign reminding us that the existence of fresh air depends on each one of us and has asked all drivers to get off their cars during the summer and use alternative methods of transportation. Sofia is the European capital with the most cars per capita as only 11% of its residents go to work on foot. On the other hand, a public transport bus amounts to 40 cars less on the streets. At the moment, 60% of the city's public transport do not produce any harmful emissions and 40% of the buses are low-emission vehicles. With the delivery of another 60 new gas buses and 20 electric buses, 70% of the public road transport will be upgraded. The subway is the fastest, most comfortable and ecological public transport. Over 350,000 people use the metro every day, and after the launch of the third line around 500,000 people will travel by it. Each year, 75,000 tons of harmful emissions are prevented from entering the environment and with the launch of the third line the number will rise to 90,000. It is interesting that the people using the metro burn 43 800 calories per year. The length of the cycling network in Sofia is 55 kilometers. The average speed of the cyclists in the city is 15 km/h., but only 24% of them cycle to work or school and only 11% of Sofia’s residents walk to work. The singer Orlin Pavlov is the face of the campaign as according to him we are all responsible for the fresh air in the capital.

You can watch the official video of the campaign here: