Tourism in figures 2017

For the seventh consecutive year Sofia Tourism Administration presents to you the tourist reference book Sofia – Tourism in Figures. The edition presents information regarding the state of the tourism industry in 2017.

Sofia is one of the leading tourism destinations in the country and continues to establish itself on the world tourism map as a European tourism destination.

In 2017 Sofia reported sustainable growth of the tourism sector. The number of tourists increased by 13%, and their overnight stays – by 15%. These results were achieved thanks to the good cooperation and synergy between all stakeholders in the tourism sector as well as the successful implementation of sustainable destination development practices.

Sofia continuous to invest in the development of its accommodation facilities, in the improvement of the overall infrastructure and the accessibility of the environment. This year, reconstruction and renovation of parks and green areas were carried out and major boulevards were also renovated.

In 2017 a lot of money was invested in the explorationa and presentation of new sites of the city's cultural and historical heritage. The restoration, conservation and development of the Western Gate Archaeological Park and the Triangular Tower of Serdica were completed.

Ivo Marinov
Director of Sofia Tourism Administration