Sofia Continues to Build at Full Speed during the Spring of 2018

Tuesday, 01 May 2018

In 2018 Sofia continues the reconstruction and modernization of the infrastructure of the city. Special focus is put on the basic infrastructure (of about 20 boulevards and streets) as well as on the overall reconstruction of tramways. Renovations of the tram tracks along one of the central streets – Graf Ignatiev as well as along Bulgaria Blvd, Tsar Boris III Blvd and other streets are also being planned.

In 2018 the construction of the 3rd metro line continuous. It should be completed by the autumn of 2019. At present, 12 km divided into two sections are being constructed. The section from Vladimir Vazov Blvd. to Zhitnitsa Street (Ovcha Kupel Quarters) is 8 km. By April, 2018 59% of the section had been constructed and by the end of the year - over 80% is expected to be completed. The section Zhitnitsa Street - Sofia Ring Road is 4 km long and its construction was initiated in 2017 and by the end of the year over 50% of the section is expected to be built.

With the construction of the 3rd line around half a million people will be using the most ecological means of transportation and around 90 thousand tons of harmful emissions will be prevented from entering the environment every year.