Rila Miracle Maker Pilgrimage Route

A pilgrimage route from St Sophia Church to Rila Monastery – August 01 (the date is fixed)

Since 2010 the Rila Miracle Maker pilgrimage has taken place in the period August 01-06. The event is organized on the initiative of the Faculty of Theology at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, with the blessing of the Holy Metropolis of Sofia and with the cooperation of Sofia Tourism Administration. The pilgrimage route starts from St Sophia Church and finishes at Rila Monastery.

The pilgrims follow the route that the carriers of the relics of Saint John of Rila walked in 1469. With the help of prayers and worship services the pilgrims cross three mountains – Vitosha, Verila and Rila, stopping in two villages on their way – the village of Yarlovo and the village of Klisura. There they are welcomed by the locals and are housed in the temples. On the 6th day, the laymen arrive at Rila Monastery and worship the relics of St. John of Rila.

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