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Tuesday 11 January 2022
10 January 2022 - 16 January 2022
May 2023
01.01.2022 - 28.02.2022

The Scars of War: The Lost Architectural Heritage of Sofia

The National History Museum presents immersive space “The Scars of War: The Lost Architectural Heritage of Sofia”.

With sensory impulses, authentic video footage, photo archives and emblematic exhibits, the visitor will be “immersed” in the period before and during the bombings, will wander through the calm and beautiful pre-war Sofia, will witness the devastating blow that war inflicted on the city and will experience the fate of the hundreds people who lost their homes. The memories of eyewitnesses, recreated by famous Bulgarian actors will complete the narrative about some of the most dramatic days of the Bulgarian capital.

The project “The Scars of War: The Lost Architectural Heritage of Sofia” was brought to life in partnership with the Bulgarian National Film Archives, and funded by the “Culture” program of Sofia Municipality.

01.01.2022 - 28.02.2022



Тhe exhibition “Sofia – Capital of Unified Bulgaria” focuses on the role of Sofia as epicentre for the decisions which rendered the dream for the unification of the Principality of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia possible. The exhibition narrative highlights the act of the Unification and its military defence; the role of diplomacy and of the efforts of the institutions in Sofia; the growth of the town into a capital of unified Bulgaria – a central of all state institutions and a unifying heart for the Bulgarians in the Principality of Bulgaria and in Eastern Rumelia. The exhibition presents exhibits – symbols of the dream for unification. Among them are regulation colours and volunteerunits’ banners, under the folds of which Bulgarians defended at once the cause of the Unification, and Sofia – Serbian forces’ immediate objective.

Personal belongings of Prince Alexander I, of the Speaker of the National Assembly Stefan Stambolov, of the Prime Minister Petko Karavelov, of the Minister of Justice Vasil Radoslavov, of the Minister of War Captain Konstantin Nikiforov, and others, frame Sofia’s efforts towards a swift administrative and legislative integration and towards the transformation of the capital into a centre of Unified Bulgaria.

A specially developed touch-screen application rediscovers Sofia’s place in the events from 135 years ago, focusing on the role of institutions, public buildings, and private homes of the capital’s urban environment.

Тhe exhibition will run till February 28, 2022. Tickets at the ticket-desk of National Museum of Military History.

The exhibition is realized in partnership with the Regional History Museum – Sofia, Directorate of Museums– Koprivshtitsa, and Stefan Noykov Foundation, within the “Sofia – Capital of Unified Bulgaria” project, funded by the “Culture” programme of Sofia Municipality.

Image: National Museum of Military History

14.12.2021 - 20.03.2022

The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things…from the Art Collection Telekom

The Palace National Gallery presents The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things…from the Art Collection Telekom. The exhibition will run from December 14, 2021 till March 20, 2022.
Displayed on two floors of the Palace, there are over 70 works by 37 artists from 21 countries, including Bulgaria, from one of the most iconic collections of contemporary art, that of Deutsche Telekom, launched in 2010 and focusing on the art of Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The exhibition at the National Gallery is the ninth major museum presentation of Art Collection Telekom since its creation. It is not the first time that Bulgarians see some of the artworks: the difference now is in the approach to the work, the selection, the catalogue publication.
Tickets at the ticket-desk of The Palace National Gallery.,br> The Palace National Gallery is located at 1, Knyaz Alexander I Sq., Sofia.
Text and image: official web site of The Palace National Gallery
26.10.2021 - 31.05.2022


Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery presents the exhibition Dechko Uzunov. Dialogues in the Studio. October 2021 – May 31 2022
For more than 10 years, the art studio of one of Bulgaria’s greatest artists and intellectuals, Dechko Uzunov, was not accessible to the public. There is already the opportunity to glimpse into the artist’s world and feel the atmosphere in which he created his art. Dechko Uzunov spent the last years of his life in his studio.
The theme of venues where Dechko Uzunov created his artworks is elaborated on in the exhibition Dechko Uzunov. Dialogues in Art presented at the gallery adjacent to the studio. Through the years, Uzunov’s teaching and diplomatic assignments turned this venue into a place where the artist managed to strike a balance between his personal space and social life.
Artworks presenting models at the studio reveal the many dialogues the artist had with himself and his students. Dialogues about the personal and the social, and, not less importantly, about art and reality.
This exhibition features works belonging to the permanent collections of Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery, Sofia City Art Gallery, Nikola Marinov Targoviste City Art Gallery, Kazanlak City Art Gallery and private collections.
Dechko Uzunov Art Gallery is located at 24 Dragan Tsankov Blvd, Sofia. Gallery hours: Wednesday-Sunday: 11 am – 7 pm. Free entrance.