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Aikido in Muzeiko

or how the values ​​of the Eastern martial arts are transformed into knowledge of the world
Can our weaknesses help us instead of hinder us?
Does discipline teach us on harmony with the world around us?
Does the ability to control our emotions, desires and reactions help our development?
The answers to these and a bunch of other interesting questions related to the philosophy of Aikido, young and old will discover in Muzeiko on 18.06.
We have prepared a special training of a children's aikido club - DOJOTO for children over 4 years of age, which will be held in two intervals - 11:00-11:30 and 11:45-12:15. We will begin with a short talk that will introduce us to the understanding of the world through the eyes of the martial art of Aikido.
The event is suitable for children over 4 years old, who must come equipped with sports equipment - a tracksuit and a t-shirt. The capacity is 14 children, who will register at the Muzeiko box office.
Training is age-appropriate and will take place in a completely safe environment.

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Sunday 18 June 2023