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3CODESIGN – 3R: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

National Gallery - Kvadrat 500
1 19th February Str.
The Embassy of Italy in Sofia, the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Trade Agency jointly present, with the National Gallery, the travelling exhibition of sustainable Italian design focused on the recycling and reuse of resources.
The initiative is part of the 2023 Italian Design Day—a series of events organised by Italy’s diplomatic corps around the world. The event aims to achieve a widespread resonance beyond the country’s borders through presenting the artistic and cultural heritage of Italy, the result of the fine and harmonious fusion of history, culture, art and craftsmanship of the highest level. The theme chosen this year is: ‘The quality that illuminates. The energy of design for people and the environment.’
The exhibition is a symbolic expression of the Italian genius:
bearer of intuition, original ideas, ancient knowledge, culture and experimentation, love of the beautiful and deft craft proficiency. It introduces us to the new worldwide trends in Italian design, showcasing them at the International Furniture Salon in Milan.
The exposition provides a synthetic but fully representative overview of the new paradigm of Italian design with its growing focus on environmental sustainability. The objects, products and accessories on display are either recycled materials or the result of the application of sustainable technologies. The projects are created by Italian designers, while the production is entirely the work of Italian companies.
The exhibition, whose graphic design is the work of Arch. Bruno Morello, has been shown in Prague, Doha, Shenzen, Dubai, Hong Kong, Washington, Toronto, Tunis, Pristina, Tallinn, Helsinki, Tripoli, Benghazi and Bucharest.


Friday 17 March 2023


1 19th February Str.