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Obradovtsi Monastery of St Mina the Martyr

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+3592 936 69 99
Sofia, Obradovtsi
Historical Information
As a local legend has it, the monastery was established in the late period of Roman rule in these lands. At that time, it represented an imposing compound with its 40 chapels (some of which were dedicated to St St Apostles Peter and Paul, St. Nicholas, St St Kozma and Damyan, etc), many monastery buildings and properties. Foundations of buildings were come across when the bed of the Vladayska river was dug, while later on, the river carried tiles, stones and bricks for a long time. It is believed that there was a Roman baths close to the St Nicholas Chapel that used a hot mineral water spring. The place nowadays is a marsh and does not freeze during the winter.

Sofia, Obradovtsi

+3592 936 69 99

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The Obradovtsi Monastery named St Mina the martyr lies 7.5km to the north-east of Sofia in the former village of Obradovtsi, currently a quarter of Sofia. It is built on the southern bank of the Vladayska River amid flowery meadows.