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Lozen Monastery St Spas

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Lozen Village
Historical Information
The Lozen Monastery was built in the 11-12th centuries, but was destroyed soon afterwards during the invasion of Ottoman troops to Bulgaria in the late 14th century. It was rebuilt in the 17th century by a monk who came from Mount Athos. The present-day Church of St Spas consists of 3 naves and was built in 1821 by Master Tsvyatko Todorov. In 1868, the church was painted with frescoes most of which have survived to date.

Lozen Village

Monasteries – Sofia Mount Athos

The Lozen Monastery of St Spas/the Holy Savior, can be reached on foot from the eastern end of the Lozen Village in the suburbs of Sofia. It takes 20-30 minutes to get there from the village by following the road to the highest peak in the Lozen Mountain, Polovrak.

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