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German Monastery of St John of Rila/Sveti Ivan Rilski

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German Village
Historical Information
It is believed that the German monastery was established in the 10th century, shortly after the dead of St John of Rila. The image of St John of Rila is present in many of the cloisters in Sofia region, as he was widely honoured there. Yet it is only the German Monastery and the cloister in Kurilo (close to Novi Iskar district) that are dedicated to the saint. As legend has it, St John of Rila lived for some time in the area surrounding the village of German before retiring into the Rila Mountain.

German Village

+3592 992 85 20

Monasteries – Sofia Mount Athos

The German monastery, “St Ivan of Rila”, is situated in a beautiful forestry area of the Lozen mountain close to Sofia. The monastery lies about 5km to the southeast of the village of German, which in turn is just 15km to the southeast of the city of Sofia.