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Divotino Monastery of the Holy Trinity

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Historical Information
As legend has it, the cloister was build by a man and his wife, who found a pot with gold pieces while ploughing their land. The couple decided to invest the fortune in the construction of a monastery and uploaded the pot on a donkey’s back, saying that they would build the monastery in the place where the donkey fell and die. The donkey died of exhaustion between two currents, and construction started in 1046, exactly 100 years after the death of St John of Rila/Sveti Ivan Rilski.


Monasteries – Sofia Mount Athos

The Divotino Monastery of the Holy Trinity is one of the oldest and best-preserved cloisters in the Sofia region. At present, it functions as a monk brotherhood. The monastery lies in the northern slopes of the Lyulin Mountain, about 10km away from the village of Divotino and 4km to the south-west of the Michailovo quarter of the town of Bankya. The place is exceptionally picturesque and wild, while the monastery is surrounded by wooded hills and two brooks that cross by its walls.