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Vitosha Mountain

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Vitosha is located between Stara Planina and Rila-Rhodope massif and is part of the Sredna Gora Mountain. It is the only dome-shaped mountain in Bulgaria and the main ridge stands out well from the other mountain massifs. It runs along the peaks of Cherni Vrah, Reznyovete, Skoparnik and Ostritsa, in direction of northwest-southeast. Output points. The most popular tourist routes for the high parts of Vitosha Mountain start from the northern outskirts of the mountain near the districts of Dragalevtsi, Simeonovo, Knyazhevo and the villages of Bistritza, Zheleznitsa and Vladaya. There are also asphalt roads and regular bus lines from Sofia. There are more than 40 huts and small hotels in Vitosha as well as over 10 shelters. Tourist routes. The most famous tourist routes are from Dragalevtsi to Aleko hut and Cherni Vrah; from Simeonovo to Aleko hut; from Jeleznitsa to the hut Kupena and Cherni vrah; from Bistritsa to Aleko hut - 2 paths; from Knyazhevo to the Golden Bridges; from Vladaya to Golden Bridges and from Cherni Vrah to Bukapreslapski Pass.
Historical Information
Vitosha is the first park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula and it’s also the cradle of organized tourism in Bulgaria. Announced one year after the London definition of National Parks. In 1936, under the influence of the Union for Nature Conservation - the initiator and the announcement of it, a Regulation was drafted and promulgated - a law for the protection of the native nature, according to which the park is no longer a national one, but a people. At the same time, until 1952, there was a special Regulation for the management and management of the Vitosha National Park and the enclosures.

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Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

Vitosha is a mountain in West Bulgaria. Its highest point is Black peak (2290 m). This way it is the fourth highest in Bulgaria after Rila, Pirin and Stara planina. Vitosha is really close to Sofia and Pernik and because of that it has changed more than other mountains. Natural park Vitosha is situated on the territory of the mountain and it’s the oldest on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s a favorite place for tourism for the citizens of Sofia and Pernik, as well as for the guests of these cities. The main attractions are Black peak, Boyana waterfall, Golden bridges, Kamen del peak, The stone rivers, the longest cave in Bulgaria – Duhlata, the unique vitosha tulip, etc.