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Vitosha mountain
Historical Information
The International Children's Assembly "Flag of Peace" is a children's art festival under the auspices of UNESCO, organized by Lyudmila Zhivkova. The first assembly was officially opened in Sofia on August 16, 1979. At the same time, the "Kambanite" complex near Sofia was opened, which is inextricably linked with the idea of the assembly and the organizers' desire to make the world a beautiful place to live in. The project was made by the sculptors Krum Damyanov and Mihail Benchev, the architects Blagoi Atanasov and Georgi Genchev and Eng. Anton Maleev. At the center of the park complex a huge 37 meters high concrete monument consisting of 4 vertical pylons is situated , orientated according to the directions of the world and a spiral composition of two hemispheres, where part of the bells are located. Around this main monument in a circle are a number of much smaller concrete structures on which bells are attached from different countries (68 were placed in 1979, and today the bells are about 100). The motto that unites all participants in the forum is: "Unity, creativity, beauty" and is written in Bulgarian and English on the main monument in the park.

Vitosha mountain

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

Kambanite is a park complex in Sofia. Its official name is the International Children of the World Park. It is located in the village of Bistritza in Sofia at the foot of Vitosha mountain, close to Business Park Sofia, Mladost residential complex, Simeonovo district and Pancharevo village. It was opened in 1979 on the idea of Lyudmila Zhivkova in connection with Bulgaria hosting the International Children's Assembly "Flag of Peace" under the auspices of UNESCO. The first assembly includes children from 79 countries and 68 different bells are placed.