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South Park

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Petko Tododrv boulevard, ул. Henrih Ibsen street, Goce Delchev boulevard.
Historical Information
South park is a structure-forming element for the green system of the city and is thought of as the main green sleeve towards Vitosha mountain. The project was developed and approved in 1972 and the construction works start the same year. The South park is planned in the so called English style. There is varied relief and richness of terrain forms. Structurally in the park there are 4 sectors. The main approach, built on the flat part of the terrain, is shaped as a decorative pavement with rich flower pots with geometric shapes. There are several playgrounds, water facilities and small dining establishments in the children's area. On the steep slopes under the Government Hospital are built several thematic views, which offer quiet relaxation and contemplation. There are 65 species of birds in the South Park, 29 of them protected and 2 recorded in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The Perlovska River, which flows into the Iskar River, passes through the park. Several children's playgrounds are organized in the South Park and a concert scene is also open.

Petko Tododrv boulevard, ул. Henrih Ibsen street, Goce Delchev boulevard.

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

South park is on the territory of Triaditsa region and has an overall acreage of 134 hectares. It’s an attractive place not only for the citizens of Sofia but the guests of the city too. The park offers something for everyone and the frequent events there make the space more lively and offer unique experiences for the visitors.