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Park Vrana

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Iskar industrial zone.
Historical Information
The construction of Vrana Park took place in 1900. A large number of saplings and flower seeds were delivered to the park from all continents. That is why Vrana Park has such a diverse assortment of plant species. The area where the Vrana Park was being built was a bare plain. Vrana Park was designed for the royal family as a summer residence. This fact has predetermined to some extent its intimate-landscape character: in it the wood massifs and tree groups, the flower meadows, rock gardens, lakes, alleys and paths are attributed to forms close to the natural ones, which was typical for the majority of the European landscape parks in the past. Inauguration of the Vrana Park was attended by gardeners whose names were not on the lists of the famous landscape designers in Europe, such as Kent in England, Pukler in Germany, Gonzago in Russia and others.

Iskar industrial zone.

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

Vrana Park is created under the influence of European landscape parks. There is a wide variety of 821 tree-, shrub- and grass species of 118 families and 435 genera in less than 100 ha. Vrana Park was part of an estate of 140 hectares, belonging to the Bulgarian kings Ferdinand I and Boris III.