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University Botanical Garden

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49 Moskovska Street, 1000 Center
Historical Information
The oldest batonical garden is situated in the city center and it was opened in 1892 by the first professor in botany in Bulgaria- d-r Stefan Georgiev. During the opening ceremony an oak was planted (Quercus robur L.) and tsar Ferdinand placed a golden coin in the roots of the tree as a blessing. Today the oak still stands proud and serves as a remembrance for the many oaks once found in the Sofia field. There are several specific corners in the botanical garden: - Greenhouses, which show the diversity of the tropical species; - A rosarium where guests can find 40 types of roses; - Rock gardens which show the mountain flora; - A Mediterranean corner with typical for Greece, south Italy and Sardinia species; - A granny’s garden where kids can see where food comes from; - Natures’ pharmacy with plants used in the medical field as well as a compost area. The university botanical garden is part of the BGCI, the European consortium of botanical gardens, the EBGEN. With its unique seeds it takes part in the seed exchange Index Seminum with botanical gardens from all over the world.

49 Moskovska Street, 1000 Center

Vitosha mountain, parks and gardens

On a 5 acre big area in greenhouses and out in the open guests can see 2500 plant species. Even today this garden is a cozy place for walks as well as a place for educational and conservation activities. The garden is open all year round and is often used for open botanical lessons and exercises for school and university students. From the shop in front of the botanical garden people can buy rare seeds, plants, saplings from the big oak and other souvenirs related to botanical science.