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Delya Chausheva and Gravitational Thrust - Oil paintings and drawings

Art Gallery Serdica
90B Tsar Samuil Str., floor 2
Serdica Gallery presents the exhibition Gravitational Thrust - Delya Chausheva’s latest oil paintings and drawings. People will be able to visit it from September 16 to October 17, 2020 in the art space of Zhenski Pazar Market.
Visitors will see large-format oil paintings and pastel and charcoal drawings, which reveal an unsuspected world of abstract shapes and enigmatic spaces created by the artist and inspired by the wonders of the Universe, which Delya Chausheva chooses to call Gravitational Thrust while the title of the series of drawings is called “Traveling in the Shadows”.


Wednesday 16 September 2020


90B Tsar Samuil Str., floor 2

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