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TOMORROW'S MEMORIES - photo exhibition of the artists Margarita Ruseva and Raymondo

Outdoor gallery in Crystal Garden
Intuitive, poetic, sincere - the photos from their fourth joint project tell the story of our strange present. A story of masks and appearances, freedom and restrictions.
The format of the portraits is intimate and accessible to the viewer. 26 moods, 26 states. The focus is on the expressive eyes of the girls in the photos . The choice of a mask, often playful and psychological, is a way of self-expression.
The photos capture the mood of a chaotic and, to put it mildly, atypical year. What happened to us during this time? Did it change us? How did we react?
According to the authors beauty lies precisely there - beyond the limits of not stopping to breathe and live freely. Somewhere there is the colorful beginning of our memories of tomorrow.


Sunday 16 August 2020

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