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Hristo Yotsov - Jazz Cats | A TO JAZZ CONCERTS

Platform A6
1 Bulgaria Square
Platform A6 – in the park behind the NPC
Why “Cats”? This is a slang word for jazz musicians around the world; moreover, it is a kind of qualification for professionalism. There is also a personal motive - Hristo Yotsov has had cats for long time and claims to know and understand these amazing creatures. That is why the titles of the songs are related to different feline characters and moods - "Angry Cats", "Lazy Cats", "Motion Cats", "Mystical Cats", "Happy Cats" – feelings and emotions inherent in human nature.
Hristo Yotsov - drums, Dimitar Karamfilov - double bass, Lyubomir Tsanev - piano, Arnau Garrofé Farràs- tenor, soprano saxophone.

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Saturday 11 July 2020 20:00


1 Bulgaria Square

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