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Kinomania (Cinemania)

National Palace of Culture
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During the pandemic period, the National Palace of Culture, and respectively Kinomania (Cinemania), and Sofia Film Fest will present a total of four films. They were supposed to premiere in November 2020 as part of the program of Kinomania, after which to be included in the 25th edition of Sofia Film Fest. Because Kinomania is now to be held after the March edition of SFF, the films will premiere at Kinomania in April, but these screenings will also be part of the program of Sofia Film Fest. Fear will open Kinomania on April 8, 2021. Ivaylo Hristov's film together with The Short Straw (April 16) by Dimitar Petkov and Scenes from the Life of an Actress (April 13) by Ivan Vladimirov are included in the New Bulgarian Cinema program of Sofia Film Fest.

The fourth film part of the program of both festivals is The Khan and the Empire - the new version of one of the most popular films in the history of Bulgarian cinema - Khan Asparuh. Lyudmil Staykov's film is part of the special anniversary program of SFF - 25, which will feature iconic films of 25 Sofia Award winners.


Thursday 08 April 2021


1 Bulgaria Sqr.

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