Welcome to Sofia
the capital of Bulgaria

25 Feb | CONCERT FOR BABIES Music and Dance Events
25 Feb | MEDEA Music and Dance Events
25 Feb | MOZART – TCHAIKOVSKY Music and Dance Events
29 Feb | LA BOHÈME Music and Dance Events

February 2024

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Where to stay?


When you arrive, you’re greeted with a welcoming smile and the offer of a cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee; and during your stay there is always someone around to chat with or to offer helpful advice. It's safe and less then a few The highlight of your stay however is the friendly, professional service.It’s safe and less then a fee minutes walk from the cities main attractions. Without a doubt, it’s the best hostel in town.

What to do?

Theatre off the Channel

The theater is located in a small, but very cozy and lounge building with 212 places on the Perlovska River.